How’s your furniture doing?

Updated: May 14

Before sheltering in place, we’d spend our days at school, work, sports practice, dance rehearsal, meeting with friends for happy hour, and mindlessly strolling the aisles at Target. We’d then return home, happy to relax, and spend a few sacred hours with our loved ones.

Essentially, we lived most of our lives outside of our homes. Now, those routines all take place within the same four walls, and as we adjust to a new normal our furniture has to adjust, too.

Not only are we spending more time on our furniture, but our furniture is working overtime to function in new ways to accommodate our families' different needs.

The dining room is now a classroom, while the spare room is reserved for Zoom meetings, and the ottoman has become a make-shift bench for workouts complete with laundry detergent weights. Meanwhile, the sofa is the newest date spot, nail salon, and movie theatre… just to name a few of its latest uses, and bar hopping means sitting in a different counter stool each time you refill.

In Kensington’s 108 years, furniture has never been in such an intense spotlight. During an already stressful time, is your furniture providing comfort or adding another straw to the camel's back?

It’s understandable that your dining chair doesn’t have the ergonomic design you’re used to, or the ottoman isn’t the ideal height for leg curls. But at the end of the day, when you use your furniture for its intended purpose, how do you feel? Is it meeting your expectations?

Suddenly, those lumps and sags in our mattresses are unbearable.

You’re about to list what was once your favorite chair on the Marketplace.

The plush, trendy sectional you purchased in 2005 looks dated no matter how many times you flip the cushions.

Our question to you is, how’s your furniture doin’?

Whether you’re now working, learning, or just coping at home, we’d love to hear from you.

Show us the new way you’re using your furniture, tell us what makes your furniture so wonderful, or share what makes you realize why your furniture isn’t meeting your needs.

Click here to tell us the good, and bad, and the ugly!

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